Monday, July 8, 2019

Luscious Lava is a mini eco community/retreat in Ocean View, on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. The property is on one acre of luscious greenery over the black lava. This was one of the first properties to be landscaped in the area so has most of succulents and some older trees. The focus of the property is connection to nature, health, awareness, yoga, massage, self improvement/growth, and conscious living. Some social drinking is accepted but not drunkeness. 420 friendly, naturist friendly.  There are a couple of cats and a dog that live on the property, so not looking to bring in any more. Lots of birds and great star gazing. A couple of the rooms are used by airbnbers and we also have the occasional tenters stay as well so lots of interesting international travelers to meet. Slowly expanding a garden and am eventually aiming to host a space for ecstatic dance as well. Rooms and tenting can be available for daily, weekly, or monthly stays. Work Trade is also a possibility.
Feel free to contact us to see about availability.
808 238-8623
"Luscious lava cedar room" or "luscious lava loft" on
We can also accept bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etheruem as payment upon request.